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We are a software, web and game development company. We have several offices around the world with a development team located in Eastern Europe (Minsk, Belarus) and official representatives in Moscow, London, Dubai, Boston and New York. We strive to keep a high level of product development and services combined with low costs. We develop 2D and 3D games for iOS, MAC and PC using Unity3D Game Engine for our clients and our own projects.

We are committed to developing visually enticing and technically superior games and mobile applications. Indexium develops mind blowing games full of exciting features that demonstrate our flair for continuous improvement and artistic approach.


Our Specialty:

 Unique modern design

 High-load and scalable web development


 Game development

 2D and 3D art development

 Custom Programming & Outsourcing

 Commercial & Industrial Projects

Our business is to implement the latest generation technologies with a focus on the peculiarities of our clients’ business. We offer an end-to-end cycle from design to implementation and 24/7 follow-up support. Our talented and versatile designers and professional programmers are willing to work with the most unconventional and original customer requirements and provide a high level performance. We provide free-of-charge consultations that allow our clients to obtain complete information on the costs of individual development and/or subsequent upgrading of an existing project.

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