Koovalda studios

Mobile, Games
Сотрудники ≈ 25
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 25
2016 год основания

Koovalda is a successful iOS mobile apps publisher. We create and promote own apps in the App Store. Our most known products are Live Wallpapers Now, Coloring Book Now and Mosaic Now.


Started in 2016, today, Koovalda has 5 successful apps in its portfolio. Our products constantly take the top ranks in the App Store. For example, Live Wallpapers Now is the world champion among other live wallpapers — in numbers, 40 million downloads in less than 3 years.



— In 2018, Instagram noted our app Live Wallpapers Now as a Success Business Story

— In 2019, Pinterest made Live Wallpapers Now a Success Business Case



At Koovalda, success is created by a team. We believe a small team is a key to innovation and fast adaptation to changing circumstances. Recruiting enthusiasts allows encouraging intensive growth while staying agile. We are open to new ideas and motivate teammates to use imagination together with the latest tools.

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