Koovalda studios

Мобильная разработка
Сотрудники: ≈ 15 Сотрудники в Беларуси: ≈ 15
0 1 Год основания: 2016

We are a product company - we create our own apps.We design, develop and market mobile applications. 

Koovalda studios focuses on innovation, proactive implementation and rich user experience. Initiative and creativity are highly encouraged here!

We have a love for creating innovative ideas and turning them into mobile apps. We are a strong team of professionals, young yet experienced. We are ambitious, passionate and committed  to excellence. We are inspired and focused on doing exceptional work.

Everyone in our team owns a piece of the action and Company's success. We stand by our employers and offer competitive conditions in terms of salaries, opportunities for development and benefits. 

We work hard and create awesome mobile apps. With passion. Join us! 

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