Веб-разработка, Собственные продукты, Мобильная разработка, SaaS, Стартап
Сотрудники: ≈ 170 Технические специалисты в Беларуси: ≈ 73 Сотрудники в Беларуси: ≈ 102
2 1 Год основания: 2011

PandaDoc is a company of professionals who want to change the world of documents. Together we build a Saas-product that allows our users to reduce the time spent on their documents by 50%.

To be more precise, its a web-app which automatize each step of the way dealing with the documents. Using PandaDoc you can create the doc (including interactive one), edit it, send it through the line of multiple approvers in one click, get the doc signed with electronic signatures, and get paid immediately once your doc is completed. PandaDoc is also integrated with a number of CRMs which allows to configure the doc for a client in no time having the data from CRM put directly in the user’s template. Not only you can send the document but also track it on each step of the way: you’ll know when it was opened, how much time a recipient has spent on each page - and will be well informed on when it is better to contact your customer for the next step of the discussion.

About 8000 customers over the world use PandaDoc at the moment and this number is constantly growing. We are viral! We are mentioned as one of the “hottest” Silicon valley startups - and it is so. Our business is about helping others do their job more efficient - that is why our product is and will be needed.

We base in Minsk, San Francisco, and Florida. Our product team is located in Minsk, while USA is a base for our marketing, sales and customer success teams.

The techs we use is something we choose ourselves. By now these are the following

Server part:

Microservices, Python, Django, asyncio, NATS, Kafka, Amazon Cloud, PostgreSQL;

Java, Hibernate, Springboot, rabbitmq, docker;

Scala, akka, akka cluster, fault tolerance.


Client part:

JavaScript, CSS3/SASS, React


Amazon AWS (S3, Route53, EC2, VPC, KMS, ElasticCache, Cloudfront, Redshift and RDS), Terraform, docker, CD/CI, NATs, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Nginx, PostgreSQL

Mobile app:

React Native, Native Components, Java, Objective C.


Anyway any company is not only about tech, but also about people. We are the team which has a statement “Learn, make an impact and have a lot of fun” written down as a part of our company mission. It says a lot about what kind of people we are and which spirit we are pressing for. We learn, we collaborate, we talk and listen and we are not afraid to make mistakes.

To deep into our understanding of how we should work just read our “Culture code” and a interview on this point with one of our founders and CEO Mikita Mikado


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