Web, Mobile, E-commerce, FinTech, Media
Сотрудники ≈ 80
2014 год основания

Rolique is a custom software boutique that provides solutions for a business breakthrough.
We are a crew of skilled 80+ tech mates based in Lviv. Our culture is clear: we value honesty, simplicity, and fair play. From 2014 till now, we've been progressing every day, creating things that matter.

Our Domains

  • Fintech
  • Media Tech
  • Industrial Tech
  • Future Tech

Our Values

  • Rolique is not about drab. Its about people. We're simple, were happy, in the journey of life, travel light.
  • Rolique is not about boredom, Its about passion. Were fascinated with the way things work, we`re really love what we do.
  • Rolique is not about ignorance, Its about will to win. Were brained, skilled, intellectual, always demanding of ourselves.

Our Benefits


  • Encourage innovators Come up with a big idea, work on own product.
  • People first culture Your opinion and uniqueness are our values.
  • Clear career path We set and reach goals together with you.
  • Budget for education&certification English classes attendance and technical expertise growth are welcome here.
  • Sick leave and sick days There is nothing more important than your health.
  • Team building and corporate events Work hard, party harder.
  • Vacation 20+1 day for each year together.
  • Flat structure Zero bureaucracy. Your initiative matters.
  • Office & remote comfort. Office is where the Wi-Fi is.
  • JS Community Teach us, learn with us. Grow your expertise by sharing.Established web and mobile experts, we're proceeding as solution engineers.

Come Join Us! 

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