Cedon BLR

ИООО "Седон БЛР"
Разработка ПО на заказ, Собственные продукты, Мобильная разработка, Hardware, ИТ-консалтинг
Сотрудники: ≈ 40
4 3 Год основания: 2013

Established end of 2013 Cedon BLR appeared as a result of integration of 2 experienced teams of HTC BLR and Mobiletag BLR entities which IT expertise together counts more than 14 years.

Cedon BLR offers all-inclusive support for the companies that want to drive further their IT business but are limited in their internal resources. 

We work together with world solution providers in producing high quality IT products.

We are a company with a strong team, passionate leaders, start-up spirit and time-proven experience. We’ll be glad to welcome initiative and creative-thinking seniors as well as motivated and knowledge-thirsty juniors!

Why Cedon BLR?

Innovative projects
Official ("white") salary
100% paid sick leaves
60% compensation for lunches
Corporate English courses at company's expense
26 days of paid annual leave
Additional Christmas holidays granted
Official distribution after graduation is possible
Foreign business trips


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