ООО Кортлекс
ИТ-аутсорсинг, Разработка ПО на заказ, Аутсорсинг бизнес-процессов, Внедрение ИТ-решений, Веб-разработка, Банковское ПО
Сотрудники: ≈ 20
0 1 Год основания: 2014

Hi, guys!)

We are called Cortlex!

Cortlex creates innovative software products and provides comprehensive development services and solutions in numerous areas.

Core Technologies: .NET, PHP, Software Consulting, BA 

Our company keeps up with all modern technology trends and advances in software development to build long lasting relationships with our customers and meet the most demanding customers’ needs by producing well-engineered, tailored solutions.

Company clients have high expectations for the products delivered. Cortlex exceeds these expectations by interacting as a team with its clients. Identifying customer needs and design complete solutions helps the products to be well received.

We are ready to offer our employees the reliability, openness and goodwill, interesting work tasks, the opportunity to develop professionally and work in a young, energetic and talented team!

Here, at Cortlex, we believe that a good project is a well-balanced blend of latest technologies, domain knowledge, flexible approach, mutual respect and, of course, passion for IT.

Everyone who works here has a desire AND opportunity to create amazing user experiences. When talented people get together, they always build up something new and impressive! We try to match the appropriate projects with the proper people, considering interests and abilities of everyone. For us it is important to be on friendly terms with our customers and enjoy the work we do.

Cortlex – we crafted with love:)


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