Nasty Creatures

Сотрудники ≈ 15
2012 год основания

Nasty Creatures - a full-service company delivering high-quality enterprise (web, cloud, enterprise mobility) and mobile (iOS, Android) solutions in such sectors as finance, consumption and retail; as well as providing epublishing services for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. Our team of highly experienced specialists in development, design and strategic planning is always in the forefront of tech innovations. 

Welcome to our Nasty family, where you’ll find great professionals to work with and learn from, interesting projects to work on, pleasant atmosphere to enjoy and nice salary to spend.

By the way:

  • Our office is in the very city Centre (metro station Victory Square)
  • We have flexible working schedule
  • We pay for professional education and certification & English courses
  • We’re nasty only to competitors!
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