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Сотрудники ≈ 200
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 50

Отзыв о работе в « Teqniksoft »

Проработал в Teqniksoft: больше 2 лет
Оценка: 4.1

A company with a good social package (medical insurance, coffee, tea, sweets, fruits, compensation for gyms or training courses) is located in the city center. The company’s workflow is flexible,
in particular, each employee’s initiative is welcomed by management, collective discussions of various projects, the exchange of experience among employees and every day stand up project meetings are part of the company’s corporate lifestyle. Interesting ideas can be realized into real projects. All ideas can be discussed directly with the CTO, and note that there is no bureaucratic red tape!
Teqniksoft is a good option for one’s career start as well as for calm moderate work. Salaries are either at or above market levels. Individual approach. In general, all the benefits of small companies.

Working hours are flexible. 2 corporate events plus various small events (outdoor sports or excursions) are held annually. There is an ability to learn different foreign languages which is not limited to English classes only but also German, Spanish, French, etc.

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