WM Reply

Web, Banking software, Telecom, ERP, SaaS, E-commerce, FinTech, Travel
Сотрудники ≈ 250
Технические специалисты в Беларуси ≈ 85
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 95
2012 год основания

We are the Belarusian part of a large international public company called Reply Group, a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Digital Services provider. Being the WM Reply branch, which is focused on software development with various E-commerce platforms, as well as mobile applications and intranet solutions on .Net framework, with offices in London, Chester, Manchester, Chicago and Minsk we strive to use the latest versions and modern technologies (React.js, Azure, etc.) in our daily work.

Our WM Reply office in Minsk is made up of a team of 80+ dedicated, highly motivated and knowledgeable employees, working with different companies across Europe, some of which are the real "Blue Chips"!

Speaking about different benefits which we offer our employees, they include:

  • live communication with native speakers as an integral part of our work, which can help to enrich your vocabulary and improve your language skills;
  • annual corporate events abroad and exchange trips to UK;
  • competitive official salary, protected from inflation risks;

  •  interesting and challenging tasks;

  • development of useful solutions for widely known international brands;

  •  we have wide range of possibilities how you can learn with us,  develop your career and spend your spare time,  as well as paid 2 weeks paternity leave, additional pension insurance (Priorlife), covering English classes, sports and medical expences, birthday gifts and, for sure, very positive atmosphere!

Working with us is a very interesting, promising and fascinating process, which can provide an opportunity to get an extensive experience in IT sphere. Our office is located very close to "Park Chelyuskintsev" metro station. So our employees can reduce environmental pollution getting to work by subway:)

Do not hesitate. Join us and become a part of our team!


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– DevOps в WM Reply
Работает в WM Reply: около 1 года
Оценка: 4.9

Крутая компания как в плане процессов и технологий, так и в плане коллектива и корпоративного духа. За время коронавируса ни кого не уволили, и даже никому не понизили зарплату.


  • Современный стек технологий
  • Отсутствует бюрократия
  • Нет стеклянных потолков профессионального развития, по типу ассесментов на какой то уровень
  • Удобное расположения офиса, прямо возле метро
  • Крутые корпоративы и тимбилдинги
  • Как мне кажется, высокие зарплаты
  • Командировки в англию
  • Возможность прокачать разговорный английский на проекте


  • Относительно маленькое количество проектов
  • Не очень удобное мед страхование
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