Expert Soft

ООО "Эксперт Софт"
ИТ-аутсорсинг, Разработка ПО на заказ, Внедрение ИТ-решений, Веб-разработка
Сотрудники: ≈ 38 Технические специалисты в Беларуси: ≈ 26 Сотрудники в Беларуси: ≈ 28
7 2 Год основания: 2012

Java/J2EE, Oracle Commerce (ATG) and  SAP Hybris e-commerce implementation and near-shoring company

Expert Soft creates high-quality software products to accomplish your business strategy.
We help our customers to maximize the power of commercial tools to achieve their goal.

The team is a conglomerate of inspired, ambitious and goal-oriented professionals able to handle most challenging architectural and development tasks

* 50+ Projects completed
* 90+ Technologies we work with
* 50+ Business trips to our  partners and clients
* 200+ Man-years of software development experience
* Our largest solution is used by MILLIONS OF USERS
* Team members in Software business SINCE 1998

Benefits of Expert Soft integrated team

Operating in a highly competitive market of outsourced product development, Expert Soft offers a number of unique advantages.

* Expertise: We leverage our exceptional domain knowledge to deliver B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions, news & entertainment portals, as well ascustom web applications.

* Scalability: With access to a vast resource pool, we can offer diverse domain and technical expertise to build a team that will be the best match for your project with an option of quick expansion in the future.

* Management: Fail-safe plan and budget control – we help our clients and partners to save time and money. We funnel our efforts into effective communication, management and an efficient development approach to help our team integrate into the client’s processes.

* Security: We are responsible for nondisclosure obligation fulfillment and obey US/EU laws. We employ a wide variety of tools and processes to ensure your IP protection: from possibility of pre-selecting team members and employee security guidelines to protected corporate network and restricted office facilities.

* Client-oriented: We are polite and friendly, always ready to assist our clients in solving the problems. Therefore, to work with us very comfortable

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