Собственные продукты, Мобильная разработка, Gamedev, Белорусский рынок, VR, Machine learning
Сотрудники: ≈ 150 Технические специалисты в Беларуси: ≈ 45 Сотрудники в Беларуси: ≈ 135
0 1 Год основания: 2013

Playgendary is a young and rapidly developing European company, specializing exclusively in the development of mobile games which have gained incredible renown all over the world.


Our specialists work in two directions developing games and entertainment Apps based on the cutting-edge technologies and gamification elements. We use Unity and Swift to work out our own projects in the following areas:


Machine learning. We work on the performance of systems making complex solutions function on mobile platforms. In this case, the dataset is first processed on the server and then transferred to the mobile devices, where it works independently.


Neutral networks. They are of a great value for solving complex tasks that require analytical computations (like those that human brain performs). We use them to create interfaces based not on the buttons or touch pannels but on the technologies of eye-gaze control or gesture recognition. In other words, our code teaches Apps to think.


Cloud service. Infrastructure of the company is based on the cloud services provided by Amazon. We use more than 20 different AWS services and expand the scope of the virtual infrastructure.


Every single professional in our studio is looking to change the way the mobile games are played by introducing a more interactive, social and engaging product. Inventain team members are creators and innovators. By discovering incredible possibilities of the mobile gaming platforms, we are working on altering the core of what gaming used to be. At every level, we work hard with the desire to provide a unique experience to every single user and drive game development forward.


The company has established a high-level corporate culture by encouraging initiative, providing the employees with the possibility to influence deliverables directly and eventually enjoy the results of their work. We have no bureaucracy, stratification or inefficient management system. Instead we have:


• Prestigious office

• Convenient location

• Advanced Apple inventory

• Complete wage supplements package

• Declared salary

• Steady salary growth

• Tuition reimbursement

• Effective management system

• Flexible working hours

• …and much more.


We believe mobile games change the world for the better. Quality with no compromise – that’s how we roll. Embracing our own passion for games, we spread it worldwide. The future of the mobile gaming industry is at your front door.

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